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“This week I learned so much about what it means to follow God and let Him into your heart. I have now given my life to God and I am excited to go on this WONDERFUL journey!” K.B. Jackson County High School

Coach Kevin King has been attending FCA camp for many years as a coach. Some years, he took 2 or 3 students and other years 7 or 8 students went with him. In the summer of 2017, only one student from Jackson County High School went. His name was Jacob. It was somewhat of a disappointment to Coach King, but he knew that God could and would do amazing things in this student’s life.

God did much more than any one could imagine in Jacob’s life. Jacob left camp and told Coach King how much he loved his experience and how excited he was to take what he had learned back to the students of Jackson County High. He told Coach King “Next year we are going to have a bus full of students from our school go to camp!”

JCHS FCA was changed. Last year, they had more students attending prayer each day and more coming to the meetings and all the activities. The school was being changed by the influence and excitement of one student. When it came time to go to FCA camp, because of Jacob and what the Lord had done in and through him, they had 21 students sign up and attend camp. One of those students, was Kloey who has now begun a personal relationship with Christ and at least 3 others from JCHS have as well.

Isn’t it amazing what God can do through one willing student? One student went to camp, went back to his school and changed his school. This summer 21 students are coming back from camp and there is no telling how God will use them to continue the change of their school as well as their community!

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Native Americans refer to lacrosse as the “The Creator’s Game”. They play the game for multiple reasons, but the focus is to play for the creator and his pleasure. This rich history of lacrosse is a great vehicle for coaches to draw comparisons to our Christian faith.

Our 2018 FCA Lacrosse camp at Ebenezer Acres was the third year offering the camp and each time we have learned a little more about how to use the sport of lacrosse to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lives of our players. Along with our great huddle leaders, our speaker, Pastor Sam Waldron did an outstanding job of bringing this year’s theme STRONG to life with practical application of his 5 Drills to Improve Your Spiritual Game. He provided the boys a clear road map and process that if applied daily, would help them begin to act, think and feel more like Jesus. These drills did a great job of connecting with the boys and giving them something tangible to take home and apply to their daily lives.

It is amazing how God provided us with the use of the Ebenezer Acres through Kevin and Janet Bowling. They provided field space, lodging, meeting space and prepared meals for the boys at minimal cost, allowing us to keep camp registration fees affordable for all.

We are all looking forward to our 2019 camp and another opportunity to plant seeds in good soil.