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fields of faith-oct 18

Usually, when two rival teams gather in the gym at Clay County High School, it is to compete. However, on September 26, 2018, FCA members from Clay County High School and Jackson County High School teamed up for Fields of Faith. Although the rainy weather forced the event into the gym, it did not dampen the spirits of the group.

“Fields of Faith was a great cooperative effort between Clay and Jackson County to reach our communities. We also had a great turnout from Livingston and Cookeville. The kids were able to witness, praise, and worship with each other as well as the community. This was also a good chance for the students to take leadership roles for their faith” commented CC Huddle Coach Matt Walker.

“Fields of Faith is a great tool to allow Christian athletes to share how Jesus impacts their lives. The speaking and music were amazing, the kids from both Clay and Jackson County High Schools did a great job, and you could see how God was affecting them that night. It was enlightening to see how the kids took charge and were showing their expression of how God is in their lives. This event demonstrated that although we are rivals on the sports fields, we are all one with God” commented JC Huddle Coach Kevin King.

“This event was very moving for me. I had the pleasure of watching these young people come together, some for the first time, and interact socially and spiritually and grow friendships that will last a lifetime. The energy that was generated from this event is still being felt today. It is amazing to see young people from different backgrounds and schools come together and perform skits and songs with such great passion and enthusiasm. It was very evident that God was at work that night” commented CC Huddle Coach Kim Maxfield.

We want to send out a special thanks to our guest speaker, Jackson White, the band, Chasing Lions, and our sound director, James Reagan for helping to make our event a huge success.